Promoting Cashless Initiative of Govt of India

As per guidelines of Govt of India and Ministry of Higher Education, Govt of India, we have enabled online payment.

We receive payments to the following account.



Payments can be made using any mode (NEFT, USSD, IMPS, etc.,). After doing the payment please fill the fee payment form and submit to college office. Some mode of payments may take longer to credit into the college account, so please allow upto two working days for processing. IMPS or USSD payments have a quicker clearing time, and hence may be used when needed.

*Sender's bank may charge them for sending money, and the college would not bear any such cost. Sender are advised to check this with their respective bank before initiating the transaction.

More info about various method of cashless payment can be checked here

Govt of India Cashless Payments website