IDP (World Bank Project)


  1. To make the Institution viable with the updated and changing intellectual world.

  2. To make the college at par with the excellence of knowledge, opportunity and employable world.

  3. To make the Institution blossom into an ideal one by dispelling darkness and ignorance with the light of right Knowledge from among the distressed, deprived, underdeveloped and under privileged strata of society.


  1. To inculcate paternity.

  2. Social adaptability.

  3. Development of Human Knowledge & Skill.

  4. Institutional support for social development.

  5. Financial assurance to the poor, help less students.

  6. To provide opportunity for development of local skill and professionals.

  7. To create a learner centric environment.

  8. To foster a high sense of discipline, decency, honesty, humility & accountability to serve the society for its progress and prosperity.